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Robinson and Havens, Attorneys at Law
Robinson and Havens, PSC is a seven lawyer firm in Lexington, Kentucky
Robinson and Havens, PSC is a seven lawyer firm located in Lexington, Kentucky. Our practice is focused on the defense of physicians, hospitals and health care professionals in all courts, both state and federal, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We also defend health care professionals before the Kentucky boards of professional licensure.

Years of experience defending hospitals and physicians in malpractice cases has allowed our firm to develop unique resources designed to provide the best possible defense for our clients. In addition to our attorneys, we employ two nurse paralegals to assist in the analysis of medical records and identification of issues. We also utilize specialty trained experts and a medical illustrator to prepare customized trial exhibits. While successful advocacy for our clients at trial is ultimately the responsibility of the lead attorney, Robinson and Havens, PSC emphasizes a team approach to case preparation, including not just the attorneys, but also our nurses and paralegals.

For a physician or any health care provider, an accusation of inappropriate care or treatment can be the most stressful experience of their professional lives. The law firm defending them must understand the unique challenges involved in the practice of medicine and in the treatment of complex medical conditions. We recognize the special trust placed in us by those we represent. Speaking on behalf of another person in court is a serious responsibility. For the person accused of malpractice, the outcome of litigation is measured in far more than dollars and cents. It is a question of professional integrity. We are deeply committed to providing the most vigorous defense possible.